700 mister jobben i Cessna

Cessna Aircraft sier opp hver tiende ansatt som følge av ordresvikt. Alle de 700 som må gå jobber ved fabrikken i Wichita, melder Kansas.com.

Den dramatiske nyheten kom bare tre dager etter at et forslag om streik fra den lokale fagforeningen ble nedstemt blant de ansatte, og ledelsens forslag til en ny arbeidskontrakt ble akseptert.

Cessna har nå 8.600 ansatte, inkludert 6.200 in Wichita. Det er omtrent en halvering fra november 2008, da Cessna hadde 16.000 ansatte, inkludert 12.000 in Wichita.

Cessna-sjef Jack Pelton orienterte sine medarbeidere om det siste kostnadskuttet i dette brevet:

Dear Cessnans

The gains made in the first half of the year in the global economy have stalled, and Cessna’s performance continues to mirror the lackluster economy. While cancellations have slowed, the recovery and growth we expected to see throughout the year have not materialized, and the timing of any recovery remains uncertain. This requires additional adjustment to our production schedules, and more than ever, cost is critical to our competitive position. We must continue to lower our cost structure to remain competitive.

These continuing challenges have forced us to make the difficult decision to announce an additional work force reduction of 700 employees. This was not an easy decision and not easy news to bring to Cessnans. I know you have questions and concerns regarding these reductions, and we will work diligently to ensure we communicate the full impact to employees as soon as possible.

Our strategy is to defend and protect our current markets while investing in products and services to secure our future, but we can do this only if we succeed in restructuring our processes and reducing our costs. This is not the responsibility only of one organization or department; it means every Cessnan must keep a watchful eye on costs, focus on continuous improvement and quickly and decisively eliminate processes that do not add value.

It is not easy to bring news to you of further reductions, but our ability to compete now and in the future leaves us little choice. I know these are hard times, but we will get through if we work as one team, each of us playing an important role.»

Dette innlegget ble publisert i Nyheter og merket med . Bokmerk permalenken.

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