Test av Ipad Mini

Link til test av Ipad Mini


So is the iPad Mini the new standard for aviation? We’re not quite ready to declare that, since the 10″ iPad screen is still hard to beat for large type and easy to hit buttons. If you fly an airplane with a larger cockpit, or if you already use an iPad and have a mounting solution you like, stick with it. We wouldn’t throw out an iPad 2 or 3 just yet. But having said that, the iPad Mini is a compelling product for pilots–probably more so for pilots than for the general public, actually. It finally makes the iPad usable on a yoke mount, and all of the aviation apps that run on the larger iPad will work perfectly on the Mini out of the box. On top of that, it’s less expensive than the 10″ iPad (it would make an excellent backup for the full-size iPad, if nothing else). If you’ve been holding off buying an iPad, or if you fly an airplane with a smaller cockpit, the iPad Mini could be a game changer.

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