IAOPA Regional Meeting – May 2nd 2015 Sandefjord, Norway

iaopa-logoThe 132nd Regional Meeting was held in Sandefjord, Norway on May 2nd, 2015.


The town of Sandefjord is located 8 kilometer south of Sandefjord International Airport, Torp.
Several airlines operate at Torp, and it is also easy to fly there yourself.

Getting there

The following airlines use the airport:

  • Widerøe
  • Norwegian
  • KLM
  • Ryanair
  • Wizzair
  • Nextjet

Connections via Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam.

Please observe that there is some confusion about the naming of the airport, sometimes it is called just Oslo, so check the IATA code: TRF (ICAO: ENTO)

Alternate larger airport:

If you prefer to fly to Norway’s main airport, you choose Oslo Airport Gardermoen (IATA: OSL – ICAO:ENGM). Several international airlines operate to/from OSL.

To get from OSL to Sandefjord, you might catch the Intercity Train which departs every hour. The train will take you to Sandefjord City in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Schedule/ticket.

You wil probably spend appr. 2 hours driving by rental car.

Alternate smaller airport

Moss Airport/Rygge, ( IATA: RYG, ICAO: ENRY)

50 km south of Oslo, on the eastern side of the Oslofjord.

Bus/taxi to ferry Moss-Horten, bus from Horten to Sandefjord.

Only Ryanair operates at Moss Airport now.

If you want to fly yourself to Sandefjord Airport, Torp (ICAO: ENTO)

  • AIP reference: Link
  • AIP area map Farris TMA: Link
  • Google Maps: link
  • Runway 2600 m
  • ILS 36 & ILS 18
  • Avgas and JetA1, Statoil and Shell cards, self service
  • Lots of parking space,
    the airport has waived parking fee, just state AOPA when you land.
  • 8 km from city center (taxi)
  • Alternates:
    • Geiteryggen/ENSN (localizer/GPS only)
    • Moss-Rygge/ENRY (ILS RW 30)
    • Gardermoen/ENGM (dual runways, ILS 02 & 20)


  • Venue Scandic Park Sandefjord,
    Strandpromenaden 9, Sandefjord
  • Single room NOK 995 (€113), double room NOK 1400 (€159) incl. breakfast.
  • Superior room add NOK 250 (€28).
  • Booking code: BAOP010515

The hotel seems to have problems accepting bookings with this booking code,  if you get regular prices, send booking via email to solveig.edvardsen@scandichotels.com

Social events

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an informal get-together on Friday, May 1, at 19.00 at a restaurant called KOKERIET.

KOKERIET is situated in the bay area of Sandefjord city, just a few minutes’ walk from the Scandic Hotel Sandefjord.

On the menu is Tapas, and AOPA Norway will cover either two beers or two glasses of wine per person (or softdrinks if you prefer).

Saturday’s dinner will be at an Italian restaurant called La Scala, also situated in the bay area of Sandefjord City.

On the menu is Pork Tenderloin with a creamy, wild mushroom sauce, and Crème Brûlée and coffee for dessert.

Included in the price of NOK 520 (€60) are two beers/two glasses of wine/softdrinks.

Please let us know if anyone has some food allergies.

We regret to inform you that the DC-3 Dakota we had hoped to offer you for a roundtrip is still sitting in the maintenance shop, waiting to get their propellers finished.

If you are spending Sunday in Sandefjord, we can instead recommend you a coastal voyage with a ferry that departs Sandefjord, bound for Strømstad in Sweden.

A roundtrip ought to be a nice journey, if the weather is nice. The roundtrip takes appr. 5 hours.

Please read more here: http://www.fjordline.com/en/stromstad-sandefjord/

You might also find it interesting to visit one of the major Viking sites in Norway – Midgaard Historical Centre in Horten, but then you would have to rent a car. Horten is appr. a 30 minute drive away.

The Centre is open from 11 to 16 on Sunday May 3.

Please read more here: http://midgardsenteret.no/en/

Please feel free to also check with the hotel about other possible sites to visit.


8:30 Pre meeting Coffee
09:00 Welcome and opening remarks


09:10 Administration matters/apologies/breaks/lunch arrangements/room evacuation


09:15 Introduction of new delegates


09:20 Matters arising from previous meeting


09:30 Ops/Dangerous Goods Update


09:45 GA Road Map – SSCC Sub-Group


10:00 Flight Crew Licensing Update


10:15 SESAR Update


10:30 ICAO Update


10.50 IAOPA HQ Update


11:00 Coffee Break
To Breakout Session – Five groups of delegates – Topics to be advised


12:30 Lunch
13:30 Results of Breakout Session – What you said


14:00 Treasurer’s Report


14.15 HQ Subscription Amendments


14:30 Discussion and results of Breakout Session


15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Fuel Related Issues/Handling Update


15:50 Maintenance Report


16:00 Website Update


16:15 eNews/New AOPA UK Magazine – Aircraft Owner & Pilot


16:30 AOB (Only items NOT covered in the Agenda)


17:00 Next RM Venues and Dates

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